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Monitoring of structures for underground construction

At a 1st Conference UNDERGROUND CONSTRUCTION AND TUNNELING 2015, organized by INŻYNIERIA Publishing Company, SHM System together with Geotronics Company presented Integrated Construction Site Monitoring System. System allows simultaneous collecting of measuring data from geodetic instruments (total stations, GNSS receivers), geotechnical sensors (i.e. piezometers, inclinometers, pressure and load cells, strain […]

XXX Jubilee Structural Designer Workshop

Thirtieth, jubilee Structural Designer Workshop was organized by The Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians branch in Bielsko-Biała, with cooperation of Gliwice, Katowice and Krakow branches. Four-days event (25th – 28th of March 2015) was dedicated to general construction and, in particular, rapairs and reinforcements of building structures. The […]

SHM X Cracmeter distinguished on Structural Designer Workshop

During XXX Jubilee Structural Designer Workshop SHM X Crackmeter attracted considerable interest of participants and provided us the Distinction in the “Leader of Workshop Exhibition” Competition. We had honor to receive this prise during the solemn Jubilee Evening, from the hands of the President of Workshop’s Organising Committee – mgr […]

New texts in “Articles” section

In last days we add some new texts to the section “Articles”. You can find there among others results of analysis of data from two monitoring systems of bridges – railway bridge in Pawlowice and Redzinski Highway Bridge in Wroclaw. You are welcome to read!

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