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Optical fibre measurements at PWr (Wrocław University of Technology)

Measurements using distributed optical fibre sensing (DFOS) technique were performed by SHM System in the Faculty of Civil Engineering Laboratory at the Wrocław University of Technology. The results of strain measurements carried out in a geometrically continuous way over designed measurement traces will be used by the PhD students of […]

Fibre optic offensive

Fiber optic measurements are becoming the most frequently chosen measuring technology by our customers. The main reasons for choosing fiber optic measurements are as follows: – Possibility of measuring deformations / displacements and temperature along the entire length of the sensor (up to 120 km) – high resolution of strain […]

Inclify – a revolution in inclinometric measurements

We invite you to visit inclify.com. Inclify is the first solution on the market which, at the price of manual, periodic inclinometric measurements, provides all the functions of an automatic monitoring system – any number of measurement sessions, access to on-line data 24/7 and an alarm system based on defined […]

Tytan 2018 award for fiber optic 3DSensor

The 3DSensor (fiber optic displacement sensor) developed by SHM System has been awarded the TYTAN award in the Product/Technology category. For 16 years already, INŻYNIERIA Publishing House has been awarding this award to projects, products and technologies that stand out on the Polish market. In the area of geoengineering, the […]

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