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Structural health monitoring of a rail bridge structure impacted by mining operation

Structures located in areas affected by mining operation are subjected to movements and tilting. Continuous monitoring of the structure’s response to these forces allows for the control of their impact on the technical condition of the structure. In the case of railway structures, the measurements may allow further determination of […]

Estimation of the value and the variability of elastic modulus of concrete in existing structure on the basis of continuous in situ measurements

This paper contains the results of analyses carried out on the basis of continuously performed strain and “stress” measurements in the concrete pylon of the Rędziński Bridge in Wrocław. The purpose of calculation was to estimate the value and the variability in time the effeetive, elastic modulus of concrete in […]

Instructions for continuous observation of built features located in post-mining areas

The process of built features monitoring by measurement and analysis of selected physical quantities allows to track and evaluate their technical condition thereby eliminate potential hazards. The observed physical quantities should be selected so that the results are simply and unequivocally connected with factors affecting the buildings’ behaviour. Properly measured […]

Snow loads on structures

The article presents the problem of snow load of building structures in the context of the possibility of reducing the operating costs of buildings through the use of different measurement methods. Snow is the impact that for a significant number of buildings, particularly large-surface (mainly steel buildings), is a major […]

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