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About Distributed Internal And Surface Strain Measurements Within Prestressed Concrete Truck Scale Platforms

The article presents pilot studies regarding prestressed concrete track scale platforms with a length of 8 to 16 m. Optical fibres were glued within composite rods attached to the stirrups inside the cross-section of the slab on the height of lower and upper prestressing tendons, as well as they were glued […]

Smart Monitoring of the FRP Composite Bridge with Distributed Fibre Optic Sensors

Considering the worldwide recognized advantages of fibre optic sensors as measuring devices in the SHM of the FRP bridges and the unique ability to measure the long-range distributed strain and temperature along the entire bridge superstructure, the distributed fibre optic sensors (DFOS) technology was chosen for the SHM system of […]

Application of Distributed Optical Fibre Sensor for Strain and Temperature Monitoring within Continuous Flight Auger Columns

Distributed optical fibre technology provides new possibilities in structural health monitoring in comparison with traditional spot measurements because it allows measuring selected physical quantities continuously over structural member length.  The spatial resolution can start from as fine as 5 mm when using advanced optical reflectometers based on the principle of Rayleigh […]

Structural health monitoring of a rail bridge structure impacted by mining operation

Structures located in areas affected by mining operation are subjected to movements and tilting. Continuous monitoring of the structure’s response to these forces allows for the control of their impact on the technical condition of the structure. In the case of railway structures, the measurements may allow further determination of […]

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