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mapa momentów zginających oraz przemieszczeń zdeformowanej platformy żelbetowej

The construction of the A1 Motorway

The article describes a project, implementation and installation of the monitoring on a monolithic reinforced concrete platform constituting part of the protective structure against the effects of geological deformation due to mining. The section of A1 motorway from Piekary Slaskie to Pyrzowice runs through areas of an active mining operation. […]

System monitorowania konstrukcji obiektu sportowego

Safety of sports and recreation facilities

Disasters and accidents that have occurred in the winter of 2006 in Poland, as well as outside the country, resulted in media coverage on the safety of buildings, and in particular of facilities which can accumulate large number of people. Technical articles have also appeared in the press, which mentioned […]

Przykładowe pulpity informacyjne dla konstrukcji monitorowanych przez SHM System

Safer with monitoring

Knowledge of the structural health monitoring has been developing for several decades now. Larger monitoring systems have been built in Poland in over the past several years. Contemporary bridge structures exceed the limits which once seemed unattainable. Several hundred meters span bridges in the horizontal and the vertical planes and […]

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