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SHM X Crackmeter

Pomiar rysomierzem SHM X

SHM X Crackmeter

SHM X Crackmeter – indicator of the dilation of cracks and expantion joints

Crackmeter SHM X was received with great interest by the participants of The First Conference “Building Structures on Mining Areas”. Visitors of our stand valued primarily the simplicity of installation and operation of SHM X and its resistance to weather conditions and vandalism.

SHM X is a complete system for measuring dilation of cracks and expantion joints. Compered to other solutions, SHM X offers quick installation, high accuracy and resolution of measurements (0,01mm) at a very attractive price of one measuring point. Crackmeter SHM X supplies full analysis of displacements of monitored elements in two orthogonal directions, including analysis of the angle of rotation of separated by a scratch surfaces relative to each other. The starter kit includes a set of accessories for installation – drilling template, stencil, overlay masking – and 12 measurement dowels. Kit allows measurings of 3 to 6 cracks.