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Fibre optic offensive czujniki 3DSensor i EpsilonRebar

Fibre optic offensive

Fiber optic measurements are becoming the most frequently chosen measuring technology by our customers. The main reasons for choosing fiber optic measurements are as follows:

– Possibility of measuring deformations / displacements and temperature along the entire length of the sensor (up to 120 km)
– high resolution of strain measurement – 1uE
– no influence of the sensor on the monitored medium (negligible stiffness)
– resistance to environmental conditions

This is the first of the techniques used by SHM System, which allows, i. e., to determine the profile of vertical and horizontal displacements as well as the temperature of the tested medium – e.g. the ground – on almost any length of distance. Using one piece of EpsilonRebar or 3DSensor, we can replace:

– up to 200 pcs of traditional strain gauges per meter of sensor, for sections of up to 70m
– up to 1000 pcs of traditional strain gauges per kilometer, for sections of up to 50km (optional 120km)

The maximum length of the sensor and the geometric resolution of the measurement depends on the measuring device to which the sensor is connected.
Fiber optic measurements with EpsilonRebar sensors (fiber optic deformation measurement) and 3Dsensor (fiber optic 3D displacement measurement).