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A1 – Smart Highway The motorway of the future is coming

A1 – Smart Highway

Another project of SHM System is connected with breakthrough events in the industry. This time, our monitoring system tests the construction of a pilot motorway section. This is a part of the H section of the A1 Pyrzowice – Częstochowa highway, located between the Zawodzie junction and the Woźniki junction. Near the future MOP East Starcza about 20 km south of Częstochowa, a consortium of Strabag Infrastruktura Południe and Strabag is conducting tests of a unique in the world technology of continuous reinforcement with composites.

The 100-metre-long structure is reinforced exclusively with composite rebars, out of which the selected ones also operate as fiber-optic strain sensors. The sensors provide i.e. information on cracks appearing in the concrete structure. The amount of data collected over the entire length of the data section corresponds to 2100 classic strain gauges!

Measurements will be performed during the maturation of the concrete mix, at the time when the thermal and shrinkage deformations will result in crack marks in the concrete structure. Importantly, the pilot section will be operated normally, so the EpsilonRebar sensor system will also provide information on the future behaviour of the structure. This will enable a reliable assessment of the technical condition of the surface and verification of the proposed solutions under actual conditions of the structure’s operation.

Apart from fiber optic measurements, SHM System also equipped the monitored road section with a set of string sensors, which in selected points of the structure,
perform measurements of deformations and temperatures, continuously over time.