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On 11-13.04.2019 for the first time we had the pleasure to participate in the EUROINŻYNIER National Building Conference of Students and PhD Students, organized by the enthusiasts of the Conkret Students’ Scientific Circle of Reinforced Concrete Structures, operating at the Krakow University of Technology.

At the stand of SHM System we hosted students of the best technical universities from all over Poland. During interactive experiments they could learn about the modern possibilities of monitoring of the technical condition of engineering and geotechnical structures. Although this topic is more and more often present in the construction industry, in the opinion of students, it still occupies a limited space in the university’s curricula. Both: the number of students visiting our stand and their curiosity, which fueled numerous discussions, showed us how much interest future engineers have in issues related to the measurement and monitoring of the technical condition of structures.

Definitely, the greatest interest of students and experts present at the conference aroused the subject of geometrically continuous measurements of fibre optics, including the sensors EpsilonRebar and 3DSensor, introduced to the market by SHM System. The Intercollegiate Jury awarded the first prize in the competition of III degree papers to Mr. Tomasz Howiacki for his paper entitled “The EpsilonRebar and the 3DSensor”. “Fibre optic technology in the testing of samples and structural elements made of concrete”. The backstage discussions concerned not only the use of fibre-optic cables to monitor concrete structures, but also other structures, especially wooden and masonry structures.

We congratulate the organizers of Conkret Circle and all students participating in the session and wish them further successes in popularizing modern construction with such passion and optimism, which we had the opportunity to observe during the conference.