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SHM System

SHM System provides a secure and stable systems for automated long-term observation and monitoring of engineering structures. We provide reliable solutions, sensors, recorders and components necessary for the construction of automated measuring systems. We organize presentations and training for subcontractors, design studios and engineering schools.

The structure, mode of operation and the offer of SHM System are the results of the experiences of the whole team, gained during their professional activity, research, completed monitoring system projects, as well as all of the companies who cooperate with us. Selected works will be presented in the “Articles” and “News” sections.

Our goal is to provide access to reliable tools for conducting long-term automatic measurements, the construction of complex monitoring systems and research projects in laboratories. Sensors, electronic measuring and software are only tools needed to solve specific engineering problems and just on their own are not the most important aspect. The most important aspect is the knowledge gained through the analysis of the data acquired by measuring system.

Bearing that in mind we have created the SHM Monitor Measuring Platform. It is an environment enabeling construction of any measurement system, designed for monitoring civil engineering and geotechnical structures. Measuring platform mediates the communication between hardware – sensors, recorders, and the user. It supports the entire measurement process and enables its automation. Starting from data acquisition, through their analysis, to the presentation of the results or sending warning information.

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