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Building Structures

Hala sportowa

Sports Venues at Jagiellonian University

MONITORING OF THE CONDITION OF STRAIN ROOF COVERINGS STRUCTURE OF SPORTS VENUES AT JAGIELLONIAN UNIVERSITY IN KRAKOW The construction of the hall and the roof of the sports hall of Department of Physical Education and Sport at the Jagiellonian University […]

przykład wykorzystania czujnika strunowego do monitoringu odkształceń betonu płyty stropowej

Deformation of the slab

MONITORING OF DEFORMATIONS OF CONCRETE CELING SLABS OF MULTI-DWELLING UNIT Contemporary building structures are to be carried out quickly and at low-cost. But does such execution not entail negative consequences? The use of fillers in concrete mixtures in the form […]

Monitoring konstrukcji sortowni odpadów

Materials recovery facility

MONITORING OF CONSTRUCTION OF MATERIALS RECOVERY FACILITY The purpose of the monitoring system is to determine whether the cracks incurred in the structure are stabilized, or are constantly changing their aperture. Such tasks are placed on measuring devices most often […]

instalacja czujników strunowych na fundamencie wentylatora odciągu spalin w elektrociepłowni

Power Plant

MONITORING OF FOUNDATION OF A GAS EXHAUST FAN IN A POWER STATION The task the monitoring system is to determine whether in the structure scratches are stabilized, and are constantly changing aperture. Such a task was assigned to the measuring […]

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