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City Gate Łódź

This project is the second largest structural health monitoring for dynamic impacts in Poland, right after the HighFive investment in Krakow. Experts from SHM System in cooperation with SKANSKA S.A. developed and successfully implemented an integrated system that allows for […]

Kosciuszko Mound

Automatic system for monitoring and recording of selected parameters of the proposed geological works entitled : “Implementation of research and geological work in the area of Saint Bronislava Hill in Krakow (Kosciuszko Mound)” – is yet another system , operating […]

Examination of concrete columns

MEASUREMENTS OF FORCE IN THE CONCRETE COLUMN AND THE PRESSURE IN THE SOIL UNDER THE FOUNDATION SLAB OF A RESIDENTIAL BUILDING Positioning of the building on the ground reinforced with columns utilizes the assumption of cooperation in the transfer of […]

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