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A1 – Smart Highway

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    • Commissioning and system configuration
    • Installation of sensors
    • System Design
    • System Maintenance

    A1 – Smart Highway

    Smart structures, equipped with integrated self-diagnostic systems, a few years ago were mainly the subject of theoretical considerations. However, today, thanks to the application of the optical fibre composite EpsilonRebars produced by SHM System, they become a part of the Polish engineering infrastructure.

    SHM System has equipped a pilot section of the road structure being built as part of the A1 highway south of Czestochowa (Poland) with the unique structural health monitoring system. This section with the length of 100 m is reinforced only with the GFRP composite rods, including those integrated with optical fibres for geometrically continuous strain measurements. This means that the applied bars are not only the structural reinforcement, but also integrated sensors providing information about strains and appearing cracks. The applied solution, unique in the scale of Europe and the world, has allowed to replace over 3,000 classic strain gauges!

    • Number of sensors: 12 optical fibre traces = 3 000 spot sensors
    • Measured physical quantities: strain
    • Measuring technique: optical fibre DFOS
    • Installation: 2019
    • Category: roads and highways, concrete structures, Composite-DFOS