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City Gate ŁódźVibration monitoring 24/7

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    City Gate Łódź

    This project is the second largest structural health monitoring for dynamic impacts in Poland, right after the HighFive investment in Krakow. Experts from SHM System in cooperation with SKANSKA S.A. developed and successfully implemented an integrated system that allows for real-time 24/7 monitoring of vibrations, which are transfer to buildings located in near surroundings of construction site. All sources of vibration are recorded, both coming from construction works and public transport.

    In Łódź, vibration monitoring covers the construction site and six surrounding buildings, including the Łódź Fabryczna station, the Academy of Music and the nineteenth-century church. The entire monitored area is located approximately within a 300×200 m rectangle.

    The system continuously analyzes data from 30 to 36 sensors. 21 sensors were installed within 10 fixed measurement points. The remaining ones are used in the next 3-5 points, which number and location varies depending on the construction stage.

    • Number of sensors: up to 36
    • Measured physical quantities: accelerations
    • Measuring technique: piezoelectric
    • Installation: 2017
    • Category: building and engineering structures, geotechnics, dynamics