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High 5ive – vibration monitoringbudynków w otoczeniu budowy

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    High 5ive – vibration monitoring

    Automatic system for long-term, continuous monitoring of building vibrations in the construction environment for the High5ive project – the largest office project of Skanska in regional cities. The High5ive complex is being built in Krakow, at Pawia Street, in the immediate vicinity of the Main Railway Station and Krakow University of Technology. The project involves the construction of five modern office buildings with a total area of approx. 70,000 sq.m. in the very centre of Kraków. The vibration monitoring system built for the needs of the investment is designed to ensure the safety of buildings that neighbour on the construction site.

    The dynamic monitoring system will allow us to react appropriately and immediately when the combined vibration force is too high. – commented on the idea of the system in the Inżynieria.com portal Paweł Wizert, project manager at Skanska Property Poland. –

    We decided to create it because none of our previous projects has been accompanied by such strong vibrations generated by the so-called background. The exact measurement of these vibrations, generated among others by public transport, was performed before the start of the investment. Thanks to this, we are now able to determine very precisely which vibrations were generated in particular areas of construction and change the technology of works accordingly.

    . As a result, for the first time in Poland, the contractor and investor undertook to monitor vibrations of as many as eight buildings in one long-term, continuous construction project, which gave a total of 24 measurement points. In the event of a threat to the safety of adjacent buildings, the system automatically informs the site management by e-mail, SMS and light signals installed in the construction office. Appropriately processed data is transmitted in real time. In addition, the collected measuring material is analyzed in detail by an independent specialist in vibration, construction and geotechnics. It is unique that the measurement data is available to residents and owners of the surrounding buildings on an ongoing basis. In the construction office, an alarm monitoring station has been made accessible to all interested parties, where the current measurement results from the last week of the system operation are updated in real time.