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Kosciuszko MoundMonitoring system of geotechnical structure

  • Zakres prac:

    • Commissioning and system configuration
    • Design and execution of extensometers
    • Installation of sensors

    Kosciuszko Mound

    Automatic system for monitoring and recording of selected parameters of the proposed geological works entitled : “Implementation of research and geological work in the area of Saint Bronislava Hill in Krakow (Kosciuszko Mound)” – is yet another system , operating on the Measuring Platform SHM Monitor™

    Kosciuszko Mound is a geothechnical structure of considerable size (diameter approx. 80m, height approx. 35m), composed of silty soil of which the properties change over time, primarily due to changes in humidity. This property of the Mound’s building material and significant slope of the edges resulted in multiple occurrences of landslides and cracks . These phenomena varied in degrees, from local slides to disasters threatening the stability of entire structure. As part of research a number of measuring devices was installed around the Mound. This range of measuring devices is used for continuous monitoring of geotechnical structures responses to changing climate conditions.

    The monitoring system is automatic, performing measurements of selected physical quantities in definable time intervals in the range of 5 to 60 minutes. It Conducts measuring of the following quantities:

    • – Humidity and temperature of the soil – 8 measurement points
    • – Pore water pressure and soil temperature – 12 sensors in 4 locations
    • – Changes in the vertical deformation of the soil in vertical profiles – 20 sensors in five locations
    • – in the horizontal ground deformations (circumferential and radial) due to changes in the temperature and humidity – 16 sensors (8 strains of peripheral and radial) in 8 locations
    Czujnik wilgotności i głowica ekstensometru
    Fig. A) The humidity sensor during installation, b). Head of extensometer for measuring deformations in vertical profiles of soil