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Podium Arena in GliwiceExtraordinary diagnostics for an extraordinary structure

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    • Commissioning and system configuration
    • Installation of sensors
    • System Maintenance

    Podium Arena in Gliwice

    In Gliwice, one of the most modern multiarenas in Poland was built, which is unique not only due to the construction and geometric solutions applied but also because it was equipped with structural health monitoring system for a 21st century. The authors of the architecture design were: arch. Piotr Łabowicz, arch. Marcin Kulpa, arch. Grzegorz Sowiński, arch. Tomasz Pyszczek.

    The tendon supported roof of multiarena is an advanced and geometrically untypical structure with a span of more than 120 meters, entered into operation by the end of 2017. Due to the possibility of the presence of more than 20,000 people inside and the extremely large consequences of failure, it has been equipped with an automatic SHM system in order to continuously monitor its safety. Dozens of sensors perform measurements of selected physical quantities (static and dynamic) important for structural condition assessment, especially in the context of snow load and temperature. Real-time data are compared with the thresholds and clear messages are sent to the Manager. Photography: Antoni Witwicki

    • Number of sensors: 135
    • Measured physical quantities: accelerations, tendon deflections, bearings displacements, strains, temperatures
    • Measuring technique: vibrating wire, piezoelectric
    • Installation: 2017
    • Category: building and engineering structures, large span roof, snow load