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Sports Venues at Jagiellonian UniversitySystem monitorowania wytężenia konstrukcji dachu

  • Hala sportowa

    Zakres prac:

    • Commissioning and system configuration
    • Design
    • Installation of sensors

    Sports Venues at Jagiellonian University


    The construction of the hall and the roof of the sports hall of Department of Physical Education and Sport at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, consists of concrete/ cable girders of the KBO type with a span of 15 and 18m. These elements are already in operation for over 50 years. Planowany przez Uniwersytet Jagielloński remont zakładał całkowite zakrycie od spodu dźwigarów sufitem podwieszanym. This resulted in a significant impediment to access the structure (practically there was no way to inspect all of the beams were installed). Due to the considerable responsibility roof covering , age of the facility and the difficulty in formulating unambiguous assessment of the technical condition of beams were installed, decision to to install of the monitoring system was made.

    The expert’s experiance in assessing technical condition of the structure, connected with the analysis _of operation of this type of structure, ruled out the measurement of deflections as hardly effective. Due to the considerable rigidity of cylindrical shell roof covering stiffened with the ribs in the form of post-tensioned concrete beams were installed, relatively heavy loads cause minor movements. thus it was decided to measure the beams were installed in the cross sections where the greatest value was expected.

    The designed monitoring system consisting of string sensors of deformations Geokon model 4000 placed on the all the lower belts of all beams were installed and locally on the roof panels . In order to observe impact of of temperature changes on the effort of the additional temperature sensors (thermistors) inside lower belts and upper beams were installed. The system operates on the Measurement Platform SHM Monitor ™

    For comparison a newly constructed steel structure of a dance hall roofwas also subjected to observation On the two double T (I-beams) girders string strain sensors Geokon model 4000 and 4100 were installed.The entire monitoring system consists of 24 strings deformation and strain sensors and 16 additional temperature sensors (each string sensor has an integrated temperature sensor).

    Rozmieszczenie strunowych czujników odkształceń
    Fig.1. Distribution of string deformation and strain sensors around the sports hall