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The monitoring system of smart highway at the “Dni Betonu”

Our monitoring system based on DFOS and VW measurements was presented by TPA Sp. z o.o. company on the second day of the event during the „Concrete in Infrastructure” session. This project involved a 100 m section of the A1 highway in Poland, which was reinforced with only composite rebars, and our EpsilonRebar sensors. Our sensors provided crucial information about the formation of strains and cracks while at the same time structurally reinforcing the road.

You can watch the whole presentation below in 2:09:30

Laboratory tests of the SMART PIPE project with Ferrum SA

Together with Ferrum SA we are starting to work on „SMART PIPE” project. The aim of these research will be developing a continuous monitoring system of pipelines. This will allow to increase safety and extend time of operation the pipelines.

Krzysztof Kasprzycki, CEO of Ferrum said:

„SMART PIPE” solutions are based on data readings from a number of sensors, which will check the condition state of pipes and will alert of any potential danger in advance. This will allow for preventive action and will give time for immediate reaction.

Zapraszamy na bezpłatny WEBINAR o Systemach Monitorowania

Serdecznie zapraszamy na Webinar dotyczący systemów monitorowania bezpieczeństwa w geotechnice i budownictwie, który odbędzie się 16 lutego 2021 r. o godz. 10:00. SHM System będzie mieć przyjemność zaprezentować konkretne przykłady realizacji systemów monitorowania, których celem było podniesienie bezpieczeństwa obiektów zlokalizowanych wokół budowy, ale także prac prowadzonych bezpośrednio na placu budowy. Referat wygłosi Tomasz Howiacki.

Udział w wydarzeniu jest bezpłatny. Zapraszam do rejestracji pod LINKIEM.

Tematyka Webinarium:

  1. Zapewnienie bezpieczeństwa realizacji inwestycji poprzez zastosowanie systemu monitorowania pracy konstrukcji
  2. Zabezpieczenie interesów Inwestora i Wykonawcy poprzez monitorowanie drgań w sąsiedztwie budowy
  3. Ocena stanu technicznego obiektów liniowych w trakcie ich eksploatacji w oparciu o pomiary światłowodowe
  4. Kontrola i możliwość wczesnego ostrzegania o deformacji ściany szczelinowej poprzez automatyczny monitoring inklinometryczny

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Master of Technology – awards ceremony

On 14 October 2019 in Legnica, a ceremonial XLIII Days of Science and Technology Gala was held, during which awards in the competition of the Master of Copper Mining Technology were presented. It was an opportunity for SHM System to celebrate, together with KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., The Hydrotechnical Plant Branch, receiving the award in the competition organised by the SNT NOT “Copper Belt” Federation Council.

The project entitled “The use of the 3DSensor sensor to build an innovative system for monitoring the technical condition of the reinforced concrete structure of the overflow tower located in the OUOW Żelazny Most tank” was honoured.

– The uniqueness of the Iron Bridge forces us to search for and develop unique solutions. KGHM Polska Miedź is a pioneer in the application of innovative measurement systems, not only in Poland, but also worldwide. An example of such activities is, among others, the search for opportunities to use DFOS (distributed fibre optic sensing) techniques to analyse the safety of tank buildings – Radosław Stach, Vice-President of the Management Board for Production, stressed on the portal

The system was built on the basis of the 3DSensor fibre optic displacement sensor – the first composite fibre optic sensor, enabling measurement of vertical and horizontal displacement of the surrounding medium (e.g. soil, concrete) over distances of up to 120 km. One metre of 3DSensor sensor replaces up to 200 traditional displacement sensors.


Vibrating Wire (VW) sensors at the Science Festival in Krakow 2014

Guests of this year’s Science Festival in Krakow had the opportunity to learn about the Vibrating Wire (VW) sensors and their applications. On exhibition stand our Guests could find out how those sensors are used in Structural Health Monitoring systems. Through interactive exhibits, there was possibility ti “listen” how the Vibratin Wire sensors work and as well as see how the strains of the sensors are visualized in real time on a computer screen.

Monitoring system of Kościuszko Mound as a part of „Żywe Konstrukcje” exhibition

On Wednesday 20th November 2013 at Kościuszko Museum in Krakow took a place “Żywe konstrukcje” exhibition. Among the presented exhibits were interactive models showing how innovative monitoring systems work. Our guests had an opportunity to learn about the system installed at the Kościuszko Mound. Data from the measurement devices installed on the Mound will help in developing the project of securing its construction against deformations caused by atmospheric effects. Continuous, long-term measurements of selected physical parameters carried out by our system, are an important element of the research. Thanks to them, it is possible to observe the response of the geotechnical structure to changing climatic conditions.