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XXXI School of Underground Mining, Krakow, Poland

We warmly encourage you to participate and visit our exhibition stand during the School of Underground Mining (SEP) which is both the largest and the most important conference in Polish mining industry. Every year it gathers over 500 participants, authors and invited guests. From the very beginning, it is organised by the team of Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences with Jerzy Kicki, Ph.D. as Chairman of the Organisational Committee. AGH University of Science and Technology’s Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management is the co-organizer of the conference.

During this event, we will present the paper “Distributed fibre optic sensing DFOS in mining applications“. The Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing DFOS technique is one of the latest and most versatile technologies currently used in civil engineering and mining to assess the technical condition of structures and the behaviour of rock masses. It enables practical analysis, often in 4D space, of such phenomena as change of stresses (deformations) in rocks, cracks (rock burst), vibrations, faults, displacements, settlements, uplifts, cavities, changes in ground temperature generated e.g. by infiltration of fluids, and even fluid flow with identification of its velocity.
The paper will present the contemporary possibilities of various DFOS fibre optic techniques that can be used in mining for global and local assessment of the workings of the rock mass and the mine excavations located in it.