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Fundusze Europejskie

Realizujemy projekty Badawczo-Rozwojowe
dofinansowane z Funduszy Europejskich,
w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój


we supply an automatic monitoring systems of tunnels - during construction and operation phases


We design and build monitoring systems of railway embankments, viaducts and other railway infrastructure

Roads & bridges

Monitoring of structures in both: construction and exploitation phases

Geotechnics and hydrotechnics

Monitoring of structures
and comprehensive service of long-term measurements

Monitoring of structures for mining damages

Impact of mining effects on structures

We provide all components
sensors, recorders

and other elements necessary for long-term measurement and monitoring systems.

Crackmeter SHM X

SHM X is a complete measuring system of displacement of cracks and dilation joints
  • Monitoring        systems

    - Monitoring of geotechnical objects
    - Monitoring of large area facility
    - Measurement of deformation of geosynthetics
    - Comprehensive engineering support for major investments - (roads, reservoirs, large-scale commercial and service facilities for the study and monitoring structures
    - Measurements during the difficult
    construction work, requiring special supervision
    - Systems of continuous monitoring of building structures

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  • Components of systems

    We provide necessary components for building monitoring systems of building structures:
    - Sensors
    - Data logers
    - Housing and mounting brackets
    - Anemometers, rain gauges, snow poles
    and other components, as developed and implemented by individual projects.

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  • Expertise and research projects

    We provide solutions in support of conducted tests, research projects and field studies that require measurements lasting several weeks or months.
    A characteristic feature of our solutions is the ability to easily transfer the measurement system to another structrure at the end of the measurement cycle.
    We rent measuring equipment to companies and institutions for the purpose of testing, measurement, and experimentation.

  • Training and         Design

    We prepare designs of monitoring systems, provide advice and assistance in the selection and design of measurement solutions.
    We conduct specialized training in the installation of sensors and measurement systems, and the use of SHM Monitor Measurement Platform, for building of construction monitoring systems. We perform audits of monitoring systems and assist in their commissioning.

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