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DFOS: Nerve-Sensors

DFOS measurements by Nerve-Sensors

The only measurements of this kind in Poland! Data on the structural behaviour obtained using our Nerve-Sensors are a source of unique and expert knowledge. If you are a researcher, PhD student, R&D representative, contract manager or site manager – this offer is just for you.

Distributed fibre optic sensing (DFOS) is a technology straight from NASA, which is already present in Polish laboratories and construction sites. One fibre optic sensor replaces thousands of traditional spot gauges, providing knowledge about the distribution of the measured quantity over the entire structural length. This allow for detecting local damage (e.g. cracks) and to comprehensively assess the deformation state of the monitored object!

We are the world’s only manufacturer of composite and monolithic fiber optic sensors dedicated for geometrically continuous measurements of strains, temperatures and displacements. As the only company in Poland we have such a wide range of sensing equipment, so we can adapt the measurement parameters to the individual needs (from millimeter laboratory specimens to real scale installations in the field). Dozens of completed national and international projects, positive references from all the largest technical universities in Poland and other foreign universities – this is a clear guarantee of success. If you need an innovative measurement solution for your laboratory tests or to assess the technical condition of a real structure, please don’t wait and contact our team.

Physical quantities measured:

  • strains [µε]
  • displacements, deflections [mm]
  • temperatures [°C]
  • crack widths in concrete [mm]

Characteristics of DFOS measurements:

  • geometrically continuous measurements from 5 mm to 50 km!
  • spatial resolution from 5 mm (200 measuring points per 1 meter of the sensor)
  • minimum unit cost of a measurement point (single gauge along the DFOS sensor)
  • dynamic measurement frequency up to 250 Hz
  • unique, patented sensors to guarantee the required accuracy
  • the highest measuring range on the market
  • installation on the surface as well as inside the concrete or soil
  • suitable for measuring all materials, in particular concrete, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, steel, composite, timber, masonry structures

More about our DFOS fiber optic sensors: www.nerve-sensors.com