Crackmeter SHM-X

Crack & Dilatation Measurement System

No more plaster and glass indicators, no more inaccurate crack assessment! The SHM-X crackmeter is a simple and inexpensive, but still professional and effective tool for measuring changes in crack and expansion joint widths. The low cost of the measuring point, quick installation, vandal and weather resistance are the main advantages that make SHM-X the choice of experts and site managers.
The SHM-X crackmeter allows you to take measurements manually in a very simple and intuitive way. The corresponding datasheets, available online, make it easy to create reports and observe trends over time.

Three ways of measurement and data analysis:

Economic measurement:

If the goal is only to monitor changes in the width of the crack (perpendicular to its course), economic measurement is the best solution. The minimal cost of the measuring point and, above all, the very fast and accurate measurement based on only 2 measuring pins, is the best way to control cracks widths of a known and typical nature.

Basic measurement:

It is designed to monitor cracks when the nature of their operation is known, but the complex displacements are possible in the future. All 4 measuring pins are installed. Thanks to this, the accuracy of the final results is increased based on averaging data from two measurements. Additional measurements (including diagonals – see “Expert measurement”) can be initiated at any time to extend the displacement analysis and determine rotations as well.

Expert measurement:

All 4 pins are installed at the measuring point, allowing for detailed analysis of crack behaviour over time. The displacements in two directions (perpendicular and parallel to the crack’s course) as well as the rotation between the parts of the structure separated by the crack, are determined.  For a complete analysis five measurements of the distance between selected pins are required.

Calculations and visualization of the results are performed automatically based on the provided datasheet:

The SHM-X is supplied with a set of installation tools, including a steel template for drilling holes and fitting shape for placing the pins in the holes. The quality of the crackmeter installation directly affects the accuracy of the measurements, so it is essential to use the tools provided.

The crackmeter assembly includes:

  • drilling template;
  • fitting shape;
  • set of 12 pins;
  • cover plates and labelling plates;
  • operating manual.


To place an order, simply send a message via the contact form or directly to In the message, please include:

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