Structural Health
of Engineering Structures

We supply measurement solutions for geotechnical and civil engineering applications.

SHM System

Our team consists of experts in monitoring the safety of engineering and geotechnical structures, but first of all of engineers-enthusiasts, ready to solve unusual problems. We support technical universities and R&D departments of the largest construction companies in Poland, Europe and the world. Every day we transfer unique measurement concepts from theory to practice. Innovative ideas, design, installation, measurements and data interpretation - these are only selected aspects of our activities.
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Our monitoring offer

Vibrations monitoring : SHM-V

Remote and automatic system for vibrations monitoring, proven in tens of large-scale projects. The analysis according to Polish standards in real time allows for comprehensive assessment of vibrations impact on the structures and people inside the buildings. The early warning system guarantees the real safety and provides measurable financial savings. Read more

Inclinometers: Inclify

Inclify is an automatic and remote inclinometer system in the price of manual measurements. Analysis of slurry walls displacements or soil movements within landslide areas is done continuously over time with regard to alarm thresholds is now available with a simple subscription - without the costs of maintenance of measuring devices. Read more

DFOS: Nerve-Sensors

Distributed fibre optic Nerve-Sensors are the patented result of our interdisciplinary work. These composite sensors allow to measure strains, displacements and temperatures in distributed way along their entire length – from millimeters to thousands of meters. Nerve-Sensors provide new quality in Structural Health Monitoring by precise local damage detection. Read more

Structural Health Monitoring: why is it worth it?

  • Continuous control of the structure ensures safe construction and operation of the facility
  • Early warning gives you the chance to react immediately and avoid failure
  • The prevention costs are always many times less than the cost of failure consequences
  • Monitoring the influence of construction on the surrounding infrastructure secures the interests of the Investors and the Contractors

Why SHM System?

Experience and Reliability

Our Team consists of scientists and engineers with over 15 years of experience in designing and implementing long-term Structural Health Monitoring systems. Up to date, we have completed a total of over 150 projects! Our portfolio includes engineering structures, bridges, stadiums, halls, skyscrapers, embankments and other geotechnical or industrial facilities.

Science for Industry

As a part of our activities we improve our expertise in measurement techniques and support R&D departments of the largest construction companies in Poland, Europe and worldwide. Our team has developed and patented a number of world-class innovative solutions, including distributed fibre optic Nerve-Sensors.

Innovation in practice

Our measurement solutions are the answer to the market demand and the lack of alternative high-quality products dedicated for Structural Health Monitoring within the construction industry. We are the authors of number of unique systems and measurement platforms designed for efficient data management.
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