Vibrations monitoring : SHM-V

Poland’s first automatic vibration monitoring system!

Vibration Monitoring System is an effective tool for automatic, maintenance-free and long-term control of vibrations generated during construction works and transmitted through the ground to surrounding buildings.

The system, as one of very few in Poland, allows the assessment of the impact of vibrations transmitted through the ground on buildings. This process is done in real time (24/7) in accordance with the Polish standard PN-B-02170:2016-12. An unlimited number of measurement points and the duration of measurements, as well as a transparent platform for collecting and visualizing the results, makes our solution unrivaled on the market. Advanced calculations are reduced to simple and useful information sent to authorized Users (e.g. the site manager). The early warning system by SMS optimize construction processes and reduce the negative impact on surrounding infrastructure to an acceptable level. It is possible to take immediate remedial actions, e.g. mounting additional struts or changing the work technology. A properly designed and implemented vibration monitoring system not only improves quality and safety, but also generates measurable financial savings.

Basic functionality of the Vibration Monitoring System:

  • automatic safety analysis according to the Polish standard PN-B-02170:2016-12;
  • definition of individual limit values (thresholds) in 21 thirds bands (both for MAX and RMS values);
  • real-time calculations and visualization of results in the form of graphs (including time waveform, FFT, third interval analysis);
  • early warning system via SMS messages;
  • possibility of changing the measuring points locations during subsequent stages of construction (adjustment to the work front);
  • control measurements with predefined frequency to record the level of dynamic background;
  • data export to CSV file;
  • self-diagnostic procedures informing about the technical state of the system

Structure of the Vibration Monitoring System:

  • high-quality sensors (accelerometers) for acceleration measurements in [m/s²];
  • measuring points consisting of three accelerometers perpendicular to each other;
  • local data loggers triggering measurement according to predefined schedule and transmitting data to a remote server;
  • remote and secure measurement server with software for data analysis, visualization and automatic alerting.