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SHM System

SHM System consists of experts in monitoring the safety of engineering and geotechnical structures, but first of all of the engineers-enthusiasts, ready to solve unusual problems. We support technical universities and R&D departments of the largest construction companies in Poland, Europe, and the world. Every day we transfer unique measurement concepts from theory to practice. Innovative ideas, design, installation, measurements, and data interpretation – these are only selected aspects of our activities.

Leader in Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing technology!

We are the producer of the world’s first composite DFOS Distributed Fibre Optic Sensors, which have been designed especially for geotechnics and civil engineering. Our Nerve-Sensors are dedicated to geometrically continuous measurements of strains, temperature, and displacement, and have been already applied in many proven applications. Many years of experience in building optical fibre monitoring systems allow us to tailor our services to your needs. We are ready to provide appropriate measurement systems for your projects and offer advice and assistance in carrying out the measurements with different optical devices, allowing for static or dynamic measurements.

Our awards

  • Honorable mention in the InfraLIDER 2024 competition
    In the category of RAILWAYS, for the project “Fiber optics in high-speed rail line diagnostics.”
  • TOPBUILDER 2021 award for 3DSensor
    In the category of innovation and recommended product, market verified (action confirmed by research, the result of Polish engineering thought).
  • TYTAN 2018 award for 3DSensor
    In the category Product/Technology awarded by INŻYNIERIA Publishing House in the field of geoengineering during the VIII Conference “Geoinżynieria w Budownictwie”.
  • Award in the competition of the Master of Copper Mining Technology
    For the project „The use of the 3DSensor to build an innovative system for monitoring the technical condition of the reinforced concrete structure of the overflow tower located in the OUOW Żelazny Most tank”.


  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 Certyficate
    SHM System has implemented and applies the Quality Management System conformable with the with the requirements of the standard PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 with the following scope: Services related to measurements, tests and monitoring of constructions. Design and production of measuring devices.
  • SHM System Quality Policy
    Której celem jest zapewnienie wysokiej jakości usług poprzez przyjęcie długoterminowej polityki rozwoju i doskonalenia w zakresie pomiarów i monitoringu bezpieczeństwa konstrukcji inżynierskich. Which aims to provide high quality service by adopting a long-term policy of development and improvement in the field of safety measurement and monitoring of engineering structures.
  • LIDER HR Certyficate
    Confirming the implementation of age management strategy in the team, issued by Malopolska Regional Development Agency SA.

Our experience

By now, we have done more than 150 Structural Health Monitoring systems of engineering structures. Our portfolio includes geotechnics, engineering structures (bridges, roads), and cubature objects. To build monitoring systems we use different measuring techniques: from vibrating wire to fibre optics sensors. For us, every measurement task is different and unique.

Patent applications

Our innovative and unique measurement solutions are reflected in many patent applications. Nerve-Sensors are the answer to the complete lack of analogous products dedicated to civil engineering and geotechnics applications. Their innovation should be considered at the global level, as evidenced by, among others, the granted U.S. patent. Our products are a revolution in the Structural Health Monitoring market!