Automatic SHM systems

Automatic spot sensors

Our team has many years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of long-term structural monitoring systems using spot gauges. We have worked on some of the largest and most spectacular engineering structures in Poland, including:

  • bridges and footbridges,
  • stadiums and other sports facilities,
  • multiarenas and other large-format facilities,
  • skyscrapers and other cubature structures,
  • industrial facilities (e.g. production halls),
  • geotechnical structures (e.g. road & railway embankments),
  • hydrotechnical structures (e.g. dams, locks)
  • and many others.

Our experience focuses on the application of vibrating wire sensors due to their versatility, high accuracy, environmental resistance and long-term measurement stability. We are also effectively creating advanced systems including other measurement techniques, such as inductive, electrical resistive, piezoelectric or MEMS.

Fully-automated systems provide knowledge about safety-critical parameters related to the technical condition of the structures. The User is given access to an Internet platform, where real-time data is processed according to defined algorithms and then presented in a clear and useful form. It is possible to define limit values or other threshold conditions. Their exceeding will automatically star the alerting procedure and SMS messages will be sent to authorized Users. This allows for optimal risk management, increasing the safety of the structure while reducing costs (e.g. by effective planning repairs or strengthening).

The most commonly measured quantities include:

  • strains [µε] (on the surface or inside the elements)
  • displacements [mm] (e.g. deflection of beams, load bearing movements)
  • angles of rotation [°] (e.g. slurry wall)
  • stresses [MPa] (e.g. under the foundation slab)
  • forces [kN]
  • ground water pressure [kPa]
  • temperature [°C] and humidity [%]

Basic functionality of the system:

  • automatic, remote and continuous measurements
  • sensing of various physical quantities
  • access to data in real time 24/7
  • clear data presentation (graphs, tables)
  • any mathematical procedures and thresholds
  • early-warning system by SMS