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3DSensor – Ground displacement3DSensor w ekstremalnych warunkach geotechnicznych

  • 3DSensor – Ground displacement

    3DSensor were installed around the foundation foot, which was then investigated during the pulling out from the ground, i.e. in conditions of extremely large displacements.
    The uniqueness of this installation is based primarily on the fact that no other measurement technique is able to identify phenomena occurring during the experiment. None of the displacement sensors available on the market could be installed without significant interference into the examined ground, causing the disturbance of the analyzed phenomena and the possibility of its misinterpretation. In addition, there are no other techniques that would precisely solve the problem of determination the slip plane with simultaneous financial profitability.

    • Number of sensors: 16 3DSensor  9 600 spot sensors
    • Measured physical quantities: strain and displacements
    • Measuring technique: optical fibre DFOS
    • Installation: 2018
    • Category: geotechnics, Composite-DFOS

    Project no. POIR.01.01.01-00-0789/17 realized by ENPROM (www.enprom.pl)