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Materials recovery facility

  • Monitoring konstrukcji sortowni odpadów

    Zakres prac:

    • Commissioning and system configuration
    • Design
    • Installation of sensors

    Materials recovery facility


    The purpose of the monitoring system is to determine whether the cracks incurred in the structure are stabilized, or are constantly changing their aperture. Such tasks are placed on measuring devices most often in the context of construction expertise.

    Sorting fascility consists of multiple monolithic structures of reinforced-concrete of longwall construction. The most interesting, from the point of view of structural health monitoring, is the bioreactor, wherein the fermented waste reaches temperatures of 70 deg. Celcius. To determine the temperature distribution in the thickness and height of each of the walls, temperature sensors were installed. The measurements enabled the correct modeling of the structure. Thanks to them, it was possible to also pin point the reasons for the damages.

    Measurements include:

    • changes in crack width,
    • changes in temperature along the thickness and height of selected reinforced concrete walls.